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Keep Up with Google Keep!


MN Keep in the Classroom


Keep.google.com The web based service is a great dashboard. All of the links below will help you get started with the primary features of Keep.

Get the Cheat Sheet - A great visual guide to the basic functions of Keep.

Chrome Extension - A power tool - this extension will let you “right click” on articles and information you find on the web and save it right to your Keep. Using the extension will save the link to your resource and you can organize by labels as you work!


There are two primary ways to organize your Keep notes.

Labels - These are essential hashtags that let your create categories within your notes.

Pro Tip! Don’t try to get too specific with your labels. Instead think of ways that you can use labels together in order to organize your work.

Color - You can change the color of your notes to organize visually.

Search The real power of digital note cards is the ability to search and find your ideas. You can search by label AND color!

Use your Phone

Download and install the Keep app to your phone and you have a powerful portable set of notecards with some super powers.

Android App

iOS App

Create Voice Notes - On your phone, click the microphone in the app and you can record voice notes. Keep will stop recording automatically when you pause or stop talking. BONUS - it even transcribes your voice notes into text.

Take Image Notes - Upload pictures from your Chromebook, or shoot photos from your phone then add your ideas.

Draw Your Ideas - Not as easy on the Chromebook, kind of great on a phone. It is possible to create hand drawn diagrams and sketches. Click the Pen Icon and doodle away.

Get Snap Happy with Google Photos


There are three ways you can store photos in Google. Even though each of the ways is a little bit different, they all end up in the same place.

Computer Upload - It is possible to find individual photos that are on your computer and upload them to your Google Photo account from there.

Desktop App - Instead of having to choose and manage the photos you upload, set it up so it is automagical suing the Desktop App.

Mobile - If you have or add the Google Photo App you can sync photos directly from your phone to your Google account.

Google Play Store for Android

App Store for iOS (iPhone)

Pro Feature - Search! - One of the really great features of Google Photos is the search capabilities built in. You can search for objects, like a bike or car. You can search for places and you can even search for people.


Probably the most important thing we want to do with our photos is to share them with others. Google photos has easy share settings to send your photos, create albums and even create photo books.

Share an Individual Photo - Open a photo to full screen mode and then click on the symbol.

Share an Album - Albums are a great way to organize photos and make it easy to share an entire set. Another nice feature of shared albums is you can let other people add photos.

Create a Book - Sharing digital photos is nice, but once in a while it’s great to share the physical copy of your photos. Create and order really nice books using Google’s service.


Edit Tools are built into your account on the web and on mobile.

Chrome Music Lab - A nifty set of musical instruments built into the Chrome Browser.

Story Speaker - Write an interactive story using a simple Add-On and a Google Doc.

AutoDraw - Quit searching for icons - draw your own with the help of Google's machine learning.

Geometrize - Create interesting images using random geometric shapes.

X Degrees of Separation - A Google Arts and Culture project comparing two pieces of artwork and the path to their connection.