Going Global! Using Google Maps to Create a Global Classroom

Anticpatory Sets: Get 'em Hooked

These are some great anticipatory set type of games that can be used to increase awareness of where we are, where we hope to be and what the world looks like.

Two Classroom Examples

My Maps - State Park Project

Beautiful and Amazing Content

MyMaps Activity

Build Our Own Adventures

Getting Started? - Play Independent

1. Create a new map

2. Title the Map

3. Drop a Pin Two Ways

        • Search and find a favorite place
        • Select the Pin tool and drop it
        • Remove the Google Content
        • Add your own content
        • Change the style of pin

4. Try the Line Tool (create your own Mercator puzzle piece)

5. Add a layer and repeat!

Already Tinkered Some? Collaborate

  1. Join this map here
  2. Claim a Layer - Doesn't exist? Make one...
    • This is where it will get messy...(it's OK)
    • Add a layer and title it with your name
    • Consider adding a description
    • Be prepared to add a variety of content (categories matter)
  3. Add a pin relevant to your life
  4. Add original content (great if you're using Google Photos!)
  5. Add a video
  6. Update the pin style to match