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Classroom Ideas and Examples

In a short amount of time, Kathy has started using Google sites in a really creative way with her students.

As a Resource Hub

Visually more appealing that a list of links that Schoology sort of offers. It is easy to embed any object from Google Drive. Bonus - you can write a quick paragraph to go with any of the resources to add context, or not.

APES Resource Site

This site continues to grow from having the in-class presentations per chapter to included a list of resources and links to go deeper on a particular topic.

Sketchbook Assignments

This is a visual resource of specific daily assignments from art class.

As a Project Hub

One of the great features of this version of Google Sites is real time collaboration. That really enhances the ability to use Sites as a group project hub. It doesn’t have a rich revision history like the other Google products, so be aware of that.

Wolf Ethnology

This site is a good example of how three Google items can be combined into one site. It has a Google Drawing, a Form and a Sheet

Writing Center

Sites is an easy to build toolkit to support students as they work through more open ended projects.

Student work

A great resource to blow up the presentation or poster board model of projects. It’s good to remember that a site is fully expandable, but it can be as simple as a single page with great content.

Fishing Types Study Hub

This is an example of how students can work together to create knowledge. Each of the presentations listed were student generated and then used as a common study tool.

Art Proportions

This is an example of how student work can be highlighted by scanning or taking a picture of “pencil and paper” and then posting it through Drive onto the site