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Classroom Ideas and Examples

In a short amount of time, Kathy has started using Google sites in a really creative way with her students.

As a Resource Hub

Visually more appealing that a list of links that Schoology sort of offers. It is easy to embed any object from Google Drive. Bonus - you can write a quick paragraph to go with any of the resources to add context, or not.

This site continues to grow from having the in-class presentations per chapter to included a list of resources and links to go deeper on a particular topic.

This is a visual resource of specific daily assignments from art class.

As a Project Hub

One of the great features of this version of Google Sites is real time collaboration. That really enhances the ability to use Sites as a group project hub. It doesn’t have a rich revision history like the other Google products, so be aware of that.

This site is a good example of how three Google items can be combined into one site. It has a Google Drawing, a Form and a Sheet

Sites is an easy to build toolkit to support students as they work through more open ended projects.

Student work

A great resource to blow up the presentation or poster board model of projects. It’s good to remember that a site is fully expandable, but it can be as simple as a single page with great content.

This is an example of how students can work together to create knowledge. Each of the presentations listed were student generated and then used as a common study tool.

This is an example of how student work can be highlighted by scanning or taking a picture of “pencil and paper” and then posting it through Drive onto the site