Innovation & Educational Projects

BMS Greenhouse

In December 2005, the Barrington School Foundation provided a grant for the completion of a greenhouse at the Barrington Middle School. The Greenhouse at BMS supports the concept of hands-on education.

Each year the BMS students start plants in the school and greenhouse to sell in an annual plant sale, which provides funds to buy supplies and to do projects around the campus. The children plant and harvest vegetables that are served in the cafeteria when in season!

They also plant and grow flowers to encourage awareness of the many species of native insects and in general, an awareness of the natural world. Student involvement is mostly cross curricular, and there is even a program for the life skills students where they learn to fill and deliver orders. Many students are involved in seeding, transplanting, and maintenance of the plants.

Many thanks to Julie Coleman for providing the pictures and her marvelous work with the BMS students in the greenhouse.

Spanish Magazine for BMS Library

To celebrate the addition of Spanish into the middle school curriculum, BSF and Barrington resident acquired a subscription for People En Español for the Middle School Library so that the students would have access to more reading materials in Spanish.