Ayres Family Shotput

In 1971, Rob & Demi Ayres received a 12 pound shotput as a gift from their friend Hank Mixsell. Since then, it has been presented to various family members to honor significant events. Here is where you can follow the ball as it travelled and took on various persona.

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Year: Recipient, Event, Persona

1971: Hank Mixsell - "In the beginning..."

1971: Rob Ayres & Demi Walsh, Engagement, Shotput

1971: George & Susan Noble, Marriage, Shotput

1976: Tom & Margo Smith, Marriage, Ugly Bug Ball

1978: C. Burgess Ayres, Retirement, World's slowest tennis ball

1980: Tom & Margo Smith, Heather's birth, Shotput infant

1981: Burgess N. Ayres, Headmastership Wardlaw Hartridge , Endowment

1984: Katharine G. Ayres, 65th birthday, Tiphoney diamond

1985: George Noble, Medical Board Certification, No more ball and chain

1987: Katharine G. Ayres, Hip replacement, Ball and socket

1992: Ursula J. Ayres, Graduation from Middlesex, Northwestern freshwoman

1992: Adam Noble, Graduation Ward Melville, University of Vermont catamount ball

1992: Burge & Kathy Ayres, Golden wedding anniversary, Gold ball

1993: Barbara Ayres, Graduation Harvard, Harvie ball

1995: Alice T. Noble, Graduation Ward Melville, Harvie ball

1998: Heather E. Smith, Graduation Phillips Andover, Brown bruno ball

2000: Robert G. Ayres, Heart Attack Survivor, Cheeseball

2001: Andrew B. Smith, Graduation Phillips Andover, UMass ball

2002: Eliot M. Ayres, Graduation Proctor, Dickinson golfball

2002: Ursula & Tom Ostrum, Marriage , Wedding ball

2004: Mally Smith, Graduation Milton, George Washington University ball

2005: Meryl R. Ayres, Graduation Concord Carlisle, Graduate ball

2005: Heather & Doug Hsu, Marriage, Frog bride

2006: Margo & Tom Smith, 30th Wedding Anniversary, Ugly Bug Ball - Reprise

2007: Alice & Triften Chmil, Marriage, Biker Bride

2008: Cindy Ayres, 64th Birthday, Magic Eight Squared Ball

2014: Robert G. Ayres, Ayres Field Plaque, Baseball

2014: Susan Ayres Noble, Birth of 2nd Granchild, Supergram

2017: Andrew & Christine Smith, Zurich Baby