1992: Burge & Kathy Ayres

Event: Golden wedding anniversary ~ Persona: Gold ball

The ball was painted gold and presented to Burge and Kathy for their fiftieth wedding anniversary. The photo shows some of us singing a song Tom wrote for the occasion. The tune is the old folk song "The Old Settler's Song". Our words are included below.

Burge and Kathy's Song (Tune: The Old Settler's Song)

In the twenties down on the Choate campus,

Burge Ayres grew up one of six boys.

Russ and Jean had a house full of Harvies,

And for sure there was plenty of noise.


And for sure there was plenty of noise.

For sure there was plenty of noise.

Russ and Jean had a house full of Harvies,

And for sure there was plenty of noise.

Meanwhile down in Providence City

Kathy George spent her formative years.

The daughter of Bob the Professor,

And a woman he called Katie Dear.

Camp Monadnock sent a broadside, Burge read it.

“... need counselor, and must be quite tall.”

“I am needed in far of New Hampshire!”

That summer he answered the call.

Twin Meadows, a homestead near Jaffrey,

The Georges would summer up there.

But this summer was going to be special.

Electricity hung in the air.

A spark soon became an inferno.

Together their futures unfurled.

The planets converged there on Thorndike.

Sent a shot that was heard ‘round the world.

No time to savor diplomas,

They got married, Burge went off to war.

And somehow they managed some children.

Quite soon they had four under four.

Then followed careers well admired,

As Head and First Lady of schools.

Now their family extends to the thousands,

And nine grandchildren think they are cool.

Having spent years of service to others,

They can laugh at the world on the skids.

And consider their happy condition,

Surrounded by acres of kids.

Raise your glass to Burgess and Kathy,

King and Queen of the family of Ayres.

Drink a toast to our favorite couple,

And a marriage that spans fifty years.