2008: Cindy Ayres

Event: 64th Birthday ~ Persona: Magic Eight Squared Ball

The Magic Eight Ball is a toy used for fortune telling. You ask it a question, roll it over a few times and the answer appears. This year, Cindy Ayres turned 64, which is of course eight squared. The shotput was presented to Cindy on the occasion of her 64th birthday at the Thorndike Club, Jaffrey, NH in August. (Lazy webmaster took until October to get it online.... sheesh).

Below you see a bunch of songsters singing a special rendition of "When I'm Sixty Four" (words below). Alice and Triften transformed the shotput and ably presented it. When the magic eight squared ball was asked, "Will Cindy ever give it to any one else?", it replied "Perhaps". ... and a great time was had by all!

"When I'm Sixty Four" For Cindy's Birthday

Now that you're older, and turning gray

Turn up your hearing aid

Listen... to what we have to say to you

Here's a song that we all made

It's for your birthday, we know you forgot

We wish you many more

You're getting older, you're getting bolder

You are sixty four.


We are older too

But we are quick to add

Not as old as you.

In sixty four years, you have done many things

And many stories told

You've travelled near and far, you have a lot to say

You make the most of life as they say

Come every season, you whistle a tune

Winter Spring Summer and Fall

But there's one thing you covet, we know you will love it

Cindy, have the ball!