Knowing Religion: Judaism (2017)

"Excellent" 5/5 -J White

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After completing the GCSE textbook on Catholic Christianity, which included the writing of the Judaism section, I was approached by Collins via Rob Orme. They were working on a new Key Stage 3 series that would take an approach to Key Stage 3 that would ensure not be "the wasted years" (Ofsted 2015). It was exciting to be working on a book that I knew would be directly beneficial to students undertaking the study of Judaism at GCSE - and I knew I would be using this with my own department. I ensured we cover the key ideas that would be revisited in further depth at GCSE, but also I tried to 'fill the gaps' - what didn't the GCSE cover that was important to learn in order to understand Judaism? It is a book I am incredibly proud of, and the feedback so far has been very positive. [October 2017]

About the Series

"Encourage a thirst for knowledge in your Key Stage 3 RE students with engaging, content-rich lessons that lay a firm foundation for the new Religious Studies GCSE"

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