GCSE Catholic Christianity Edexcel Revision Guide (2018)

"A really useful revision guide with top tips, recap and lots of guidance on how to answer each type of examination question" an RE teacher via Twitter

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After writing the Student Book, surely the revision guide would be easy? Far, far from it.

Ensuring appropriate exam support has been, by far, the biggest challenge. The pressure of knowing students (and their teachers) are desperately waiting for this book, and wanting as much exam support as possible, has been tough. We have worked as hard as we can with such limited SAMs and exemplar material to work out the questions that Edexcel will ask, and Ofqual will allow them to ask, to produce something that will be useful and help as many students as possible fulfil their potential in GCSE RS. I wrote just over 50% of the original textbook, but this was over 85% me (huge thanks to Waqar for writing the Islam section). I really hope it is everything students and their teachers need. [October 2017]

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The day the book finally arrived!

Friday 23rd February 2018