GCSE Knowledge Quiz (2020)

This was a really challenging book to write, but one I am pleased John Catt agreed to published. It is something incredibly ambitious - not linking itself to single specification - but looking at the core knowledge required, that is common to all 3 Catholic specs. It covers ~75% of the exam, but each paper has some unique content which does not feature.

To try and simplify difficult and complex concepts and ideas into bite sized questions that students of all ability ranges can access is difficult! I've tried my best, with some brilliant help from a range of RE teachers and experts. I hope it is useful!

Available as a PDF - a student schedule to test all topics at least 5 times between Monday 3rd February 2020 and the first GCSE exam!

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From John Catt: "The Knowledge Quiz series is a deviously simple and effective way for students to revise for GCSE subjects. Put together by subject experts, these easy-to-use books feature tear-out quizzes to help students memorise the large body of knowledge that forms the basis of success in exams.

Rather than just flicking through revision cards expecting things to stick in your memory, self-quizzing allows you to complete multiple copies of the same quiz and keep doing them until you get them right every time. At the start of each section you'll find full answers.

This edition will help students to effectively drill the essential facts necessary for success in the Catholic Christianity and Judaism exam, part of GCSE Religious Studies."

Knowledge Quiz

Religious Studies:

Catholic Christianity and Judaism

“Testing is a powerful means of improving learning, not just assessing it.” Roediger & Karpicke (2006)

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This is then followed by ten pages with just the questions for student testing:

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