100 Ideas for RE (2020)

100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Outstanding RE Lessons

"With an emphasis on all faiths and beliefs, 100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Outstanding RE Lessons presents tried-and-tested ideas that can be used in any lesson about religion." - See full blub on the Bloomsbury site

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This book represents both 13 years of my own wisdom, but also that of many other RE teachers who have either formally contributed an idea, helped with reviewing ideas, been a sounding board - or have just influenced my ideas over the years. The books also reflects the shared ideas of many non-RE teachers, some again who have helped with this book. I always wanted it to be a reflection of as much good RE as possible. I also genuinely hope there is something for everyone! You will have to be the judge of that.

It has certainly been some of the most challenging writing of my career - instead of simply writing about knowledge as I have done with textbooks, it was thinking about how that knowledge is best delivered. Trying to avoid gimmicks and pointless games, and trying to think about ways that genuinely enhanced learning and recall, and ideas specifically linked to RE. I've already been told there is great demand for this book - I do hope I have managed to contribute something genuinely useful to both new RE teachers and experienced RE teachers.

Thank you in particular to the RE Facebook and Twitter communities.

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Online Book Launch - Tuesday 12th May 2020