Andy Lewis: RE Teacher

Andy Lewis is a Deputy Headteacher at St Bonaventure's School in the London Borough of Newham. He has worked in a number of Catholic comprehensive schools in the Diocese of Brentwood, holding both pastoral and subject leadership positions. He has contributed to Religious Education nationally through his work with Culham St Gabriel's, Teach First, The Teacher's Enterprise in RE (TERE) and the Catholic Education Service. He has been involved in organising the TeachMeet London events and ran The London RE Hub. Andy has spoken at a number of events including Westminster Briefings, the Institute of Ideas 'Battle of Ideas', various other TeachMeets and regional RE training days. He has published a GCSE textbook, revision guide and work books and as well involved in a series of Key Stage 3 textbooks. He was nominated for TES Teacher Blogger of the Year and frequently tweets and blogs about RE and wider education. 

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ResearchEd National Conference 2023

Caught, Taught, Sought - The Habit of Flourishing

All schools teach character, but often unintentionally. Too often we are focused on the endpoint - perhaps successful alumni, or inspirational people from history. What virtues could or should we be developing? If ‘we are what we repeatedly do’, what habits are needed to help our school communities flourish? Postpandemic more teachers than ever before believe we need to teach character and virtue in schools - but what does that actually mean, and crucially - how do we do it?

Caught, Taught, Sought The Habit of Flourishing

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