The Basics

Knee Safety

Many people practice Tai Chi because they want to stay healthy, but they do not realize that improper practice can be harmful.  In these videos I show the most common mistakes that can put your knees at risk, then I show you how to practice in a manner that is safe for your knees. 

If you are experiencing knee pain after you practice Tai Chi it is possible that you are making one of these mistakes.  Your knees may feel tired after training, but they should never feel painful.  

Remember, if you are experiencing knee pain, talk to a health care professional about it. 

Silk Reeling

Silk Reeling (Chan Si) is a necessary part of Tai Chi practice and is the foundational component of all Tai Chi motion.  There are two main aspects to SIlk Reeling.  The first is Silk Reeling Energy/Motion (Chan Si Jin) which consists of the internal body motion requirements that must be present to turn movement into Tai Chi.  The second is Silk Reeling Training (Chan Si Gong) which is the method used to develop and refine Silk Reeling Energy/Motion (Chan Si Jin).  

This series of videos is meant to teach you the fundamental concenpts of Silk Reeling so you can understand what Silk Reeling is, and accurately apply it in your Tai Chi practice.