Perfect Pitch

Solo | Day Of: Saturday, October 24th

Each competitor will receive the prompt prior to the competition. Prepare a 60-90 second pitch outlining your strengths, achievements, and academic and professional experience to a prospective employer. Please upload a resume when you register to compete. You will receive notice of your assigned time slot.

Brand Design

Solo | Submit Prior

Your task is to design a brand based on a new start up company. You will demonstrate graphic design skills using any program you would like. (Photoshop, Canva. etc) Graphics must be submitted by October 22nd at 11:59 P.M.

Marketing CASE

Group (4-5 People) | Day of: Saturday October 24th

Each group will receive the prompt prior to the competition. Please prepare a presentation with a slide deck to present the day of the conference. Demonstrate a clear understanding of the prompt with an effective marketing plan (timeline and budget included). Each presentation will be 10 minutes total with a Q&A afterwards.

Marketing Strategy

2 People | Day of: Sunday, October 25th

Each pair will receive the prompt the day of the competition. They will have a limited amount of time to prepare an effective marketing strategy (no visual aide needed). Each pair will have 2 minutes to pitch the plan.

Entrepreneurship - EXTENDED DEADLINE

Group (2-3 People) | Submit Prior | Present Day of: Sunday, October 25th

Each group will be able to choose their own company and create a product or a line of products for the company. They must submit a 3-6 page marketing plan (not including cover page, table of contents, and appendix). A week prior to the competition, semi-finalists will move forward until there are 2 teams left. Finalists will do a 10 minute presentation with a 3-5 Q&A the day of October 25th during the Awards Ceremony. (Must include information about Company and a slide deck)

Outbound Sales

Solo | Day of: Sunday, October 25th

Each competitor will receive the prompt prior to the competition. Demonstrate your business-to-business sales skills in this role-playing competition. Competitors will have 10 minutes to assess the needs of the buyer. Finalists will receive the chance to move forward to the next round and close the deal.