Alden Redskin Football


Varsity Record: 312-281-16

Welcome to The Alden Redskin Football History Website. It is our goal to preserve the history of Alden Football and display it in a way that it can be enjoyed by players, fans, their children and grandchildren. The History of Alden Football is built upon three levels of technology:

  • Alden Redskin Football Website: Every score, team picture and award that we know about is displayed here along with links to game film and game articles.
  • Pinterest: Each season has it's own board and is filled with memorabilia like newspaper articles, programs, annual segments, pictures and many other items. Although there are direct links to articles on particular games, the year boards have a lot more pictures, articles and other memorabilia.
  • Youtube: All existing Game film will eventually be uploaded here and be accessible from Year pages and the Game Film by Opponent Page.

If you have anything that we do not on our sites, please email us at: If you take a good picture of it with your smart phone you can email it to us and everyone can enjoy it.