2018, Openreach developers forum, call-in

2018, Industrial renewal in Germany’s oldest industries. Panel discussion, with Ute Wolf (CFO, Evonik Industries), Saori Dubourg (board member, BASF), LSE German Society Symposium

2018, DICE (Düsseldorf), Economic geography and international trade conference (keynote)

2018, University of Copenhagen (keynote)

2017, Regional GDP, joint workshop by Ifo Munich and the Bavarian Statistical Office, Munich (keynote)

2017, reSITE conference, speaker, panellist, and moderator, Prague

2016, Data-Driven Changemakers Datathon, Prague

2015, World Bank Impact Evaluation Workshop, Rio de Janeiro

2014, HM Treasury, London

2014, London Assembly Regeneration Committee, City Hall London

2014, Civic Trust, Dublin

2014, INNOZ & LSECities future mobility forum, London

2012, Lincoln Institute, Cambridge, MA

2012, CUREMhorizonte, University of Zuerich

2011, Steer Davis Gleave Consulting

2010, LSE Alumni Berlin, Econwatch, German Cambridge Society, Berlin

2007, Second Hamburg Pechakucha Night, Hamburg