AEAR group

(reads "air group")

Academic Excellence in ATM (and UTM) Research group

Communications and Transport Systems, ITN, Linköping University


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Research directions

  • Mutli-aviation airspace: Capacity estimation and route planning for various kinds of air traffic:
    • unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) traffic management (UTM)
    • urban air mobility (UAM)
    • conventional air traffic management (ATM)
    • space2ground missions
  • Airspace design for mixture of users
  • Performance-based services (PBS)
  • Development and optimization of environmental and other KPIs
  • Lowering environmental impact of aviation (low-noise PBN routes) in terminal maneuvering areas (TMAs)
  • Economic mechanisms and game-theoretic concepts for strategic traffic deconfliction.
  • Controllers workload and scheduling for multiple Remote Tower Operations
  • Risk assessment, safety and efficiency of flight paths
  • Facility location for UTM and ATM – airports, vertiports, takeoff and landing areas (TOLAs), launchpads


  • Unmanned air traffic management (UTM)
  • Conventional air traffic management (ATM)
  • Algorithms, optimization, modeling, simulation
  • Decision support tools for UTM and ATM

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Non-academic outreach

We acknowledge support from

Our projects reference group meetings take place ~2/yr. Other events were ENAC-LFV-LiU Research Exposition Days, UPC-LFV-LiU Research Exposition Days and Workshops on Digital Air Traffic Services: Workload and Safety Assessment (since 2019).

We had the honor to host Prof. Alon Efrat (U of Arizona), Prof Xavier Prats (UPC), Dr. Eli Packer (IBM, HP), Dr. Pavel Sagulenko (Audi GmbH), Topi Talvitie (U of Helsinki), Man Liang (ENAC), Dr. Dmitry Kranoshchekov (RAS), Raul Saez (UPC), Vincent Duchamp (ENAC), Vijay Augustine (ENAC) and the pleasure to visit TU Delft, UC Berkeley, Eurocontrol PRU and EEC, TU Eindhoven, DLR, ENAC, Stony Brook U, NASA