AEAR group

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Academic Excellence in ATM (and UTM) Research group


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Research directions

  • Multi-aviation airspace: Capacity estimation and route planning for various kinds of air traffic

    • unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) traffic management (UTM)

    • urban air mobility (UAM)

    • conventional air traffic management (ATM)

    • space2ground missions

Data Science in UAM video from BerkeleyNASA Aviation Data Science seminar, summarizing some of our joint work

  • Airspace design for mixture of users

  • Performance-based services (PBS)

  • Development and optimization of environmental and other KPIs

  • Lowering environmental impact of aviation (low-noise PBN routes) in terminal maneuvering areas (TMAs)

  • Economic mechanisms and game-theoretic concepts for strategic traffic deconfliction

  • Controllers workload and scheduling for multiple Remote Tower Operations

  • Risk assessment, safety and efficiency of flight paths

  • Facility location for UTM and ATM – airports, vertiports, takeoff and landing areas (TOLAs), launchpads


  • Unmanned air traffic management (UTM)

  • Urban air mobility (UAM)

  • Conventional air traffic management (ATM)

  • Algorithms, optimization, modeling, simulation

  • Decision support tools for UTM and ATM

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Non-academic outreach

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Our projects reference group meetings take place ~2/yr. The other regular event is Workshop on Digital Air Traffic Services: Workload and Safety Assessment (since 2019).