• Practice exam is posted, please see below
  • Feb 15 class is cancelled is rescheduled to take place Feb 22, after the presentations. 
  • About class project: those who present don't have to send the slides before the presentation. (Those who miss the class should send their slides before the class start -- we'll meet later for the presentations.)
  • HW2 is due Feb 22
  • HW1 is due Feb 8
  • HW3 (due any time during the course) is assigned 
  • Class project description is updated
  • Project presentations are on Feb 22
  • Welcome to the class! A word of caution: Information on this site is not final until the class starts
  • Grade-determining in-class assignment (restate the optimization problem from a given paper, or read the paper NOT considering optimization problems and write a report on what the paper is about -- not more than a couple of pages) is on the last meeting, Thursday, March 1, 13-15 in K22
  • Class project presentations are on one or two meetings before the exam (depending on the number of projects)
  • Please remember to continuously read papers and understand/restate optimization problems from them

Class info


  • Articles for the class project
  • For HW1, use articles from the latest reincarnations of ATMSeminar, ICRAT and SID (SID is every year; ATMSeminar and ICRAT alternate -- the former is in odd years, the latter is in evern). 
    That is, use
    • previous-year SID;
    • in even years: 
      • ATMSeminar from previous year 
      • ICRAT from 2 years back for TNFL10 (taught in Spring)
      • this-year ICRAT  for TNFL11 (taught in Fall);
    • in odd years: 
      • ICRAT from previous year
      • ATMSeminar from 2 years back for TNFL10 (taught in Spring)
      • this-year ATMSemniar for TNFL11 (taught in Fall)
  • Further material: Optimization problems glossary and a useful resource at KTH: Compendium of (hard) optimization problems


All assignments are due beginning of class on the due date. Paper or email submission are both fine (please use .pdf for email submissions).
The assignments are done in groups; please split into the groups yourself (discuss with the instructor if you cannot do it yourself).


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