Analysis of Communication and Transport Systems

Teacher: Tatiana Polishchuk, (zoom link).


By now you should have received feedbacks to your preliminary final report from your supervisor and from the examiner, and should be able to finish the project work and report writing.

Do not forget to fill it also the reflection document.

Deadline: January 9th. Good luck!

Course description

Lecture 1 (Nov 2, 10-12, TP52): Introduction to the course and projects

Lecture 2 (Nov 4, 10-12, TP51): Group/project allocation meeting (slides)


Traffic Analysis

T1:EU-ASIA Handbook of Best Practices in Traffic Safety (Ghazwan)

T2:Analysis of Free-Riding Behavior for Simulating Bicycle Traffic (Johan)

Supply Chain Planning (Quantitative Logistics)

Q1:Identifying Explanatory Factors for the Forecast of EMS Demand (Krisjanis)

Q2:Forecasting of Future Need for Nursing Homes (Martin)

Q3: Analysis of Arriving Flows to Norwegian and Swedish Airports (Tatiana)

Q4: Integration of Meal Breaks into Train-Dispatcher Shift Scheduling (Christiane)

Q5: Stockholm Population Data and Carsharing (Christiane)

Q6: Optimal Mission Planning for a Homogeneous Fleet of Heavy Vehicles (Tatiana)

Smart Cities

S1:Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality: the Case of Vehicles (Vangelis)

S2:Container Relocation Problem in a Port under Fixed Inputs (Vangelis)

S3:Indoor Mobile Positioning (David)

The first supervision meeting: week 45. Contact your supervisor today!

Course milestones:

  • Monday November 14: Project specification and project plan delivery

  • Thursday December 1: Mid-project evaluation: implementation status

  • Friday December 9: Preliminary final report submission

  • Wednesday December 14: Final report presentations

  • Monday January 9: Final report and the project assessment submission

The project specification shall be formatted according to the project specification template.

The mid-project evaluation shall be formatted according to the mid-project evaluation template.

The final report shall conform to the format given in the template for the final report.

Project assessment shall be submitted together with the final report and formatted using the project reflections and self-assessment template.

Each group shall have at least one supervision meeting each week.

All supervision meetings shall be documented in “minutes” documents in free form (no template is provided).

The meeting minutes shall be uploaded to the Collaborative Workspace in LISAM within 3 days from the meeting.

Presentation schedule

Project supervisors:

Johan Olstam, Analysis)

Ghazwan Al-Haji, (Traffic Analysis)

Tatiana Polishchuk, (Supply Chain Planning)

Christiane Schmidt, (Supply Chain Planning)

Martin Waldemarsson, (Supply Chain Planning)

Krisjanis Steins, (Supply Chain Planning)

Vangelis Angelakis, (Smart Cities)

David Gundlegard (Smart Cities)