We Can't Do it Without You!

Every Year thousands of hours are graciously given by our parents and community to make our school so great!

It takes many hands (Muchas Manos) working together to make it all run smoothly.

How can YOU help this year?

Pick 1!

At School

(no Spanish required)

LUNCH BUNCH // 1 Hour // Any School Day! :: Open gogurts, pass out napkins and enjoy the fun chaos, feel free to bring younger siblings along for this low-pressure opportunity. Parents are needed every day! Come once, come twice, come every Friday, three times a month, anytime! Always welcome! Sign up with this link, or anytime you have extra time, please come and join us! https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0f4cada822a1f85-adavista

JUNIOR GREAT BOOKS // 1 Hour per week for 6 weeks // Jan-Feb :: lead a small group of kids during recess as they explore reading engaging and fun text during their lunch and recess time in the winter.

LUNCHTIME ARTS // 1-2 Hours a month // Wednesdays in Jan-Mar :: Super fun crafts accessible to kids in grades 1-4 during recess on certain Wednesdays in the winter. Come supervise a table of kids while they create and have fun (while avoiding the cold). You could help at one or all of the Lunchtime Arts Days, whatever works for you.

TALENT SHOW // Time Varies // May :: Cheer on our talented kids as they perform in front of their peers! Help needed to assist at auditions and the talent show at school.

TEACHER APPRECIATION & CONFERENCES // Time Varies // Fall and Spring :: Bless our teachers by providing food, gift and extra doses of love! Conferences are in November and February, Teacher Appreciation Week is in May. Lots of opportunities to show how much we care.

GARDENING // A few hours // Fall and Spring :: The PTO is responsible for the landscaping surrounding the schools and Milan's Garden. Come on over with your green (or not so green) thumb to help us maintain these areas. No experience necessary! Tools provided.

SPANISH // If you DO speak Spanish, please let us know! There are a few more opportunities in the classrooms and in the school if you are able to speak to our students in the Spanish language. You may also contact your child's teacher if you are able to use your Spanish in the classroom.

BOOK FAIR // A few hours // November :: What JOY it is to see kids in love with books! Come help our little ones pick out some new favorite titles. Scholastic Book Fair is in November, during conferences.

In Our Community

SIBLEY ELEMENTARY // Time Varies // Year Round :: Help with the partnership we have with our sister school Sibley Elementary in downtown Grand Rapids! We hold various drives for coats, hygiene items and other needs that arise. Also, it's fun to partner with them at their Bingo for Books and other service opportunities that they have for us throughout the year.


CAMINATA // Time Varies // October :: Come walk with us!! Caminata is our largest fundraiser! All Ada Vista students will be walking to the fire station in Ada and back to support our school. Help us out on walk day (October 5)) by being a crossing guard, walker or handing out snacks. Help needed to set up and tear down as well. MANY parent needed to do this great race!

SQUARE ONE ART // Time Varies // Fall :: Help assist the artwork that is transformed into keepsakes! Help is needed distributing orders and collecting art.

PLATTERS // A few hours // Jan-Feb :: Do you have an artistic flair? Each year we create and auction off large serving platters made by each class (including art or fingerprints from each child). We need at least one parent from each class to help organize their class platter art, go into school to create it, and drop platter off at the Mud Room. This is a super fun way to help! Ideas and instruction on platters given.


GIFTS IN KIND // Do you have a business, trade or service that you can provide? Each year we give out gifts to teachers and are looking for ways to improve the school. If you have something that could benefit our school building or the wonderful people inside, please let us know! No obligation now, but please let us know if we can contact you later to see if it would work out to work with your business or service. Ideas include: services that your business provides, physical items such as furniture, clothing, jewelry, tote bags, gift baskets or gift certificates to your business.

MONEY // Our PTO will be looking to raise nearly $112,000 this year! That takes a lot of commitment from our families and community, but every bit helps! All donations are tax deductible, and donations are always greatly appreciated. Contact your place of employment or family members if they're looking for a great cause to give money to.

MATCHING DONATIONS // Would your family or business be interested in donating money as a matching gift? This helps motivate other families to give, and then we all win!

SPONSOR // If you or your business would like to be a sponsor, we'll advertise for you in return! Sponsorship opportunities available for Caminata, Dia de Arte and Fiesta Latina. Your name or business can be on t-shirts or signs or other methods of advertising as a thank you.