Spanish Immersion

Why choose Spanish Immersion for your child?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could learn to speak another language in just a year or two? Children can! That is exactly what happens in language immersion education. Walk into any first grade classroom mid year and the chances you will hear any child speak a single word of English are slim to none. Isn’t that an amazing gift to give to your child? The benefits of bilingualism and bilingual education are many. Research has found increases in executive function, better problem solving skills, higher levels of empathy, deeper understanding of language structures, and protection from dementia later in life. Bilingual students also have the benefit of developing cultural competence and a broader world view. This means they are better able to understand, appreciate, and interact with others who may come from a different background. It can be a big leap of faith to send your child to a school where you cannot understand the language, but giving your child the opportunity to experience the benefits is truly incredible.

-Stacey daSilva, first grade teacher at Ada Vista