PTO Finances

The Ada Vista PTO would like to thank you, the Ada Vista Family for your financial support during the 2017/2018 school year.

Last year we raised the following:

Caminata Walk: $35,802

Square 1 Art! : $4,022

Box tops Collections: $1,078

Great Lakes Scrip Program and E-Scrip (Rewards): $998

Native Speakers Enrichment Campaign: $60,902

Additional Giving: $14,235

Total: $117,037**

**this is an average of about $200 per child

The money raised supported our school in these ways:

Native Speaking Aides:

We have five incredible Native Speaking Aides at Ada Vista. Not only do they work with our students in the classroom setting, for individual and group support, but they are around the school for recess, lunch, before and after school, giving our students a rich linguistic experience as they interact with them. The value they add to our school is priceless! *Note: Our support goes towards only the classroom instruction (20 hours per week) with the aides. They are partially funded through the district as well to provide before/after school and lunch/recess help.

Educational Enhancements:

  • Classroom Allowances {money used by teachers to supply and enrich their learning environment}
  • Caminata T-Shirts for the walk
  • Battle of the Books Program
  • Junior Great Books {over 120 kids participated, and it is free to all students in 2018}
  • Young Authors Story Books
  • Busing {to musical field trips, spring concert rehearsal, Zoo Lab and Battle of the Books}
  • Music Enrichment {K-2 Lollipops Concerts, 4th Grade Instrumental Discovery, 3rd Grade Bill Vets Musical Trip}
  • Jason Yancy Spanish Puppet Show
  • Lunchtime Arts {offered to grades 1-4 during winter recess 3 times a year}
  • Zoo Lab {4th graders spend 5 days at the zoo}
  • Staff Wish List {special requests by teachers for learning materials}
  • Postage for Pen Pals
  • Supply Closet {materials used across all grades}

Ada Vista Staff:

  • Professional Development {teacher training, language training and seminars}
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Dinner for Teachers During Conferences
  • Principal Hospitality

Ada Vista Family and Community:

  • Hospitality
  • Speaker: WAR International
  • Movie Nights
  • Fiesta Latina Event {spring}
  • Kindergarten Welcome Night
  • Cheers and Tears {first day of school}
  • Fall and Spring Landscape {bark mulch, plants, planters, clean up}
  • Milan's Garden, entire beds landscaped

This Year Our Financial Goal is $112,800!

Budget vs Actual 7.1.2017_6.30.2018.pdf