Youth Exchange 3.0

Trysil, Norway

17-25 February, 2018

"The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke" - Jerzy Kosinski

The last youth exchange will focus on how to tell stories orally, for example through recording podcasts. We will also organise a public event, where we will exhibit and share the artwork and materials created during the project. The event will be organised by participants and will provide them with hands-on experience and skills in creating public event. There will also be time for participants to plan follow up activities, both locally and internationally.

Here we put the strongest focus on the following objectives:

-To gain specific artistic skills and competences to express ourselves creatively; (with focus on digital storytelling and podcasts)

-To develop a readiness to act, sense of initiative and entrepreneurial mindset through taking part in organising local activities and public events

-To affirm equality, human rights and democracy as a value of modern society and become equality ambassadors


The exchange will take place in Trysil, a small town in the Norwegian countryside. It is located around 3 hours north-east of Oslo, close to the Swedish border. The popultion of Trysil is around 7000 people and is it around 3000km2. Though Trysil is a small town, it is a touristic place and the biggest skiing resort in northern Europe. During the time of our project it will be the winterholiday so it will be full of people. Trysil has schools, kindergardens, shops (incl. bank, pharmacy, a number of foodstores etc.), bars and restaurants.

You can read more about Trysil here: Skistar - Trysil , Visit Norway - Trysil, Wikipedia - Trysil.


We will be staying in a big house, Ville Sole, all together in the centre of Trysil. It will be tight, intimate and very very cozy! You will be in rooms 2-4 poeple together with private bathroom. All of you should bring your own towel and sleeping bag/bedsheets.

The venue does not have a seminar room, but a big dining room, that will be combined dining and seminar room.

We will be cooking for ourselves in a big kitchen. Exactly how we will manage it, we will let you know later. But if you would like to cook something from your home for the group. Please feel free to do so and bring the food/ingredients that you need. Let us know in this case, so we know it when planning.

Here is a link to the venue: Villa Sole.


Please book your travel if you have not done it yet. Book the cheapest travel, and when you have booked, please send to your groupleader. We recommend that you arrive to the main airport in Norway: Oslo Lufthavn (former Oslo Gardermoen).


Arrival time is the 17th latest 19.20 (Bus from airport 14.45) to Trysil. Departure day is the 25th of February. First bus in the morning will be in airport at 07.25, so earliest to book a flight would be around 8.30 on the 25th. (If you for some reason need to arrive later or leave earlier, consult with me first).


When you arrive at the main airport there is a direct bus to Trysil. There is also another option of train and local bus, but I would recommend the bus. I will link to both options here, just in case:

Bus, 130 Trysilekspressen: (from Oslo Lufthavn and your last stop would be Trysil bussstasjon). Book and pay online! The bus depart from platform 32 just outside the airport.


Train, from Oslo Lufthavn (airport) to Elverum: Book online. Then local bus from Elverum (skyssstasjon) to Trysil: Local bus no 751. Buy tickets on the bus (card or cash).

Please book the bus as soon as you have your flight, since it is winterholiday in Trysil around this time, and the bus might be fully booked! Please remember to include this expensive (but comfortable) bus into your budget when booking your flight!

PS: If you are passing by Oslo, we will not cover your local tickets to/from Oslo- Airport, only the bus to/from Oslo/Oslo Airport- Trysil. (Airport is between Trysil and Oslo)

Travel budget for each participant to come to Trysil.

We know that for Finland and Poland it might be difficult to fit within the budget, but please try your best and hopefully we will manage, if not we can see if there are some leftover from other groups.

If you have any questions about your travel ask your groupleader (they have all been to Trysil) or me:


We will be working with podkast and digital storytelling, continue our focus on human rights, social change and activism. During a whole day we will have guest workshop from a really cool professional podcast/radio guy, Peter! We will also have a public event on the second last day in a local cafe next to the cultural house and municipality. We will do the exhibition with the pictures from Armenia, show the videos we have been making in the the projects, and of course present the podcasts and stories that we will be making in this project. Any other ideas connected to the event that you might have are welcome! We will also spend some time planning dissemination and follow up --> the future, and how we can do more cool things together.

This is the link to the cafe for the event: Vestibylen


  • Hometask for each country before you arrive to Norway is to update the blog with the local activities that you did between 1st and 2nd phase, and if you have done something between 2nd and 3rd phase. If you did something cool, funny, clever activism-connected stuff individually, feel free to also share as inspiration to others. You will get access from your groupleader to edit the page.
  • Send your reimbursement form to Maritka: Fill in the info about all your travels and tickets you already have. See guide in the form. Download the form from this link:


  • Smartphone and computer, and if you have any digital equipment like recorders, fancy programs for editing etc etc. please please let us know and bring it to the project. (We will download together an editing program with Peter).
  • Bedlinen/bedsheet and towel
  • Food, snacks and drinks for intercultural and food for cooking dinner one day in your national team (please consult with your groupleader and countryteam)
  • Promotion material for your organization
  • Warm clothes (woolen underwear and long-johns), a thick jacket, thick pants (so you can have more layers), hat & gloves, wintershoes, woolen socks and indoor shoes ❤️


Greetings from your groupleaders team and your hosting team <3