Youth Exchange 2.0

Rustavi, Georgia

24 November - 3 December, 2017

"Creativity takes courage" - Henri Matisse

On this youth exchange the focus will be on graffiti and street art and how it can be used to raise awareness and create a change regarding human rights issues. We will use the issues participants highlighted for their homework as inspiration for topics to work with on this youth exchange. We will meet young graffitiartists and visit Fabrika - a main graffiti scene in Georgia. We will focus on how we can be creative and give a message with our art, and get hands on experience by being graffiti artists ourselves and creating art.

The relevant objectives:

-To promote activism and campaigning skills through creativity and non-violent action;

-To gain specific artistic skills and competences to express ourselves creatively (with focus on graffiti and street art),

Before the last youth exchange, participants will also work on different tasks and/or local initiatives in their communities. Participants will decide upon this during the youth exchange in Georgia. By this we will meet objective:

-To develop a readiness to act, sense of initiative and entrepreneurial mindset through taking part in organising local activities and public events

THE DATES: activity days - November 25 - December 2, 2017. Arrival day - 24th of November, Departure day - 3rd of December. Please, buy the tickets in a way that you are not late or exhausted on the first activity day.


The City RUSTAVI is very close to the capital - Tbilisi, there are "Marshutkas" every minute going to Tbilisi taking you there in 30-40 minutes.

The city itself is quite old - first gets mentioned in 5-4 centuries B.C. but as many settlements in Caucasus, it got destroyed in 13th Century. When Soviets took over, they re-built the city again but in their style - economic and not so ergonomic matchbox-shaped buildings all around. The built this city so that it could accommodate workers who were working at Rustavi Metallurgic Factory. After USSR fell, the factory, like almost all the industries in Georgia, stopped, so the city quickly went to poverty.

Here's a movie about Rustavi and the environmental crises in Georgia.

The movie is by a young director Alexandre Souladze.

It could use our touches, couldn't it?


We will be accommodated in ISCR - International Scout Center Rustavi, which is on the margin of the town surrounded by a nice yard and easily connected to the capital.

The lodging is more dormitory style, we will have a conference room to work together and other spaces to socialise.

You can see more here

Bring towels and personal hygienic utilities.

Remember, Georgia does not get so flexible with special diets, sometimes it's quite hard to find gluten-free bread or soy milk. We will do our best to accommodate your needs, but since it is quite expensive here, consider, bringing it with.


Travel budget for each participant to come to Rustavi. Please consult with the group leader before you buy the tickets.

Be sure to keep all the tickets, invoices and boarding passes that you will use throughout the whole travel. Otherwise, we won't be able to reimburse.

Once you are here, you may wanna go to the capital and come back for the evenings, here's the guide on how to do so:

There's also a über-style app working in Tbilisi and surroundings called Taxify, which is quite English-friendly with adequate prices.

Rustavi Guide.pdf


_map_useit_tbilisi_9_11 (1).pdf

We are sure y'all excited to spend time in Tbilisi, here's a little guide to help you to plan your stay there.

P.S. the map was produced in the end 2015, so be sure to recheck the places on the internet before you go there.

Political Rave

Tbilisi is famous for it's emerging but also quite historical techno scene. Here, we call it a "political rave," because dancefloor is a place where everybody's equal regardless your background, social status or identity. Outside the clubs, the society is quite hostile and conservative, especially towards LGBTQI people, but inside is where people are accepted, welcomed and respected. You haven't Tbilisi, unless you spend a night in legendary BASSIANI. We could maybe spare our evening programme for this experience.

Due to their strict security, it's recommended that you register and ask for validation in advance (make sure your facebook is not totally closed).

BASSIANI has also a label and a podcast series. See upcoming events on their RA profile.

Read more on Tbilisi Clubbing in Resident Advisor's article "Tbilisi and the politics of raving".

Youth Exchange Programme

Take a look on the programme and let your group leaders know, if something is not clear or you wanna propose some changes. We can discuss it in our facebook group afterwards.


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