Shokkin Group Norge is part of the network Shokkin Group International, and is a newly established non-profit youth organisation. It was established January 2016 in Trysil, Norway, and are therefore still in the start-up phase.

Shokkin Group Norge is working for and with young people. Our vision is to develop the young people to become active, entrepreneurial and innovative citizens, both locally and globally. We wish to give the young people the motivation and inspiration to be involved in their local communities, and make them aware of the possibilities of their local area. We want them to take part in developing their local communities, for example through entrepreneurship, local activities or creative projects. We also believe that international projects are an important place to get the motivation, knowledge and skills to make this happen.

Shokkin Group Norway also recognizes the importance of understanding the global world, and we aim to help raise the awareness and understanding of global issues. As an organisation we want the young people to understand what is happening in their local area, and see this in context with what is happening in the global world.

We are working mainly with local youth from Trysil, and are recruiting members from this area. We would like the people from the rural areas to be more included in the civil society in Norway, and we would like to give them the same opportunities for active participation as the young people from the urban areas. Through these activities we want to give the young people inspiration and ideas that enables them to carry out local activities. We are currently working on assessing the needs of the young people, recruiting members and developing local activities, in addition to applying for international projects.

Youth for Peace and Equality is a non-governmental organization with the mission to promote peaceful and equal society, to empower youth and raise awareness about peace, human rights and gender equality. In order to meet this task the association is implementing the educational and Youth development programs though using different tools such as modern art and etc.

YPE was established in the end of 2012 and it is working mainly in education field with different target groups, youth, students, teachers, internally displaced people.

The activities cover the following topics:

 Human Rights Education;

 Peace-building and Conflict resolution;

 Gender Issues;

 Youth empowerment and youth participation;

 Art and Culture

‘’ Armenian Youth League ‘’ is a non-governmental organization which was established by a group of young people experienced and well recognized in the field of youth work. AYL means a purposeful activity intended to resolve youth problems and to seek to create favorable conditions for the formation of a young person and his integration into public life, as well as an activity, which has the purpose of achieving understanding and tolerance of society and individual groups thereof towards young people. Our aim is to engage and develop Armenian youth to positively impact the world, promote open youth to youth communication.

„Fundacja Instytut Spraw Rodziny“ in English means „The institute of the family issues“ which originally reffers to all the age groups which need any kind of support. We are mainly focused on the local actions in our city Łódź (in Poland): youth work, workshops for children, organising charity concerts, tolerance and peace-building activities and No Hate Speech Movement campaign. We are one of the laureates of Advocate Europe grant for the project named Hate Free Cities which is done in cooperation with other orgasations from different countries (!/r/advocate-europe/2016/proposal_0000400/ ). We are also involved in the Erasmus+ programme since 2016.

We want to increase the young people’s knowledge about the international cooperation, active participation and intercultural dialogue as well as showing them other opportunities and ideas for future employment or self-employment. I hope they can use the skills gained during the exchange in the other local activities coordinated by our association.

Olemisen Balanssia ry is a non-governmental organisation founded in year 2014 in the city of Turku, Finland. The main vision of the organization is stress management for balanced lifestyle. In order to promote people's physical and psychological well-being, Balanssia ry organizes educational, recreational and multicultural activities in the Finland Proper area.

Olemisen Balnssia ry works both on local and international level, tries to create a network across Europe to share the best practices, increase the capacities and reinforce the impact.

Olemisen Balanssia ry's work focuses on peoples in difficult circumstances, such as immigrant, young people without work or study place, single mothers, and long term unemployed. The main sources of their distress are often isolation and loneliness, for which providing information of stress management alone is not enough. For this reason, Olemisen Balanssia ry organizes recreational activities to connect peoples so that they can establish peer support and find the suitable way to manage their stresses. This approach is especially suitable for youth, for whom the importance of peer group is larger than for other age group. The organization also involves these youngsters in the trainings, workshops and seminars to increase their competences in various field, gaining more opportunities to be included. By our activities we increase their participation, we believe that it is an indivisible part of the democratic processes.

We try to also increase our international activities, we believe using the opportunities of Erasmus+ youth programme will reinforce and increase the quality of our projects that are conducted with our target groups. Participating in this project will ensure that our activities are tightly linked with the needs of our target groups, finding more productive logical solutions to their issues.