Local Activities

In between the youth exchanges participants have implemented some activities locally in their communities connected to the topic of the project: creative activism and art to create a positive change in the society.

Finnish Group

Snow person

The main idea was to think about human rights and racism by different ways of art.

We started to plan this project after first phase of Actlab. First we created an idea of different backgrounds and different people types. Our though was to respect all kind of human beings. Then Tomi found an “idea picture” from street artist Banksy, so our idea started ...

Our group started thinking that because we are coming from Finland, we could use snowman with this topic. Snowman is basically been black and white as well. You know; white snow, with black top hat and black charcoals as eyes, mouth and buttons. And why it's called "snowMAN", could we maybe get people to think wider somehow?


We started to design and print simple snowman stickers where people can draw the characters as they like. The different characters represent the variety of humans. The aim is to connect human rights to the campaign.

In school Sofia had a little surprise for her classmates. She printed some empty snowmen stickers. Then introduced our idea about the snowman campaign. There were a couple of skeptical persons who were thinking human rights aren't important topic. And one guy was thinking that making those stickers is childish.

Regardless of some opinions people gathered together around the table. Some skeptical people didn't join for the group. But others started to modify those snowmen stickers. They used some different colors of professional wrap film and as well some markers. During the session they were discussing about human rights together. And they draw many awesome, beautiful and different snowmen characters. After a while the skeptical people involved to the group too. One of them even made two snow persons.

The morning session made the classroom more positive environment. And Sofia believes that it made a change for some of the classmate’s thoughts about the human rights.


Also we got idea to paint few snow characters on different locations, with positive messages. So Marko painted his characters to Oulu Finland, on international Valentine's day.

Pete painted one character to the balcony at headquarters of Droni at Tbilisi, Georgia. And other one, 5 metres high snow ninja princess to Helsinki Finland, on wall of abandoned office building.

Norwegian Group

Norwegian group discovered the local street art in their communities, and one of the participants, Isan Maher had a very inspirational talk with the graffiti artist Naeem Saerle, based in Bergen. Watch the video and get inspired!

Naeem talks about the purpose of art, street art and graffiti, how it can be used a tool to raise awareness on different issues in society and how it can be used as a tool for empowerment, self-awareness and confidence among artists. He also talks about his own artwork, how we can support street art and graffiti, and how we all can take part in sharing our thoughts, opinions and honesty through art. We just need to work hard, fail many times and believe in ourselves before we succeed.

We recommend to watch the video and we are sure you will look differently on street art and art after listening to his thoughts.

Georgian Group

Georgian participants had really interesting & fun time doing local activities, as it was something really new for them - to actually become an activist of human rights and do something that plays it's tiny piece in building a better society.

Between October - November 2017 they did several activities, including online one.

  • "Take a step forward" in Tbilisi State academy of arts.
  • In October 2017, We organized "Take a step forward" activity in Academy of arts, when some of us study. We think that above-mentioned is one of the best activities when it comes to understanding human rights, the differences between majorities and minorities, realizing that there are groups of people, who's rights are violated.Participants were surprisingly involved and interested, even tho some of them had a very narrow understanding of human rights and it's importance. at the end we all had a discussion about important topics, involving human rights. And though we all had different opinions about certain things, we all agreed that human rights should be inviolable .

  • Following action was a Facebook frame about diversity, and it's aim was to reach more people, as social networks are now a good way to have access to many different people.
  • Our main goal was to show that It's natural and beautiful to be different and people deserve to be absolutely equal. Speaking of diversity, it's kind of a "scary" topic for Georgian society,as many people are "afraid" of diversity and the idea of equality is simply not understandable for them.

Armenian Group / Armenian Youth League

Armenian participants on a break between the first two phases decided to organize an event regarding Human Rights. The event took part at the famous anti-cafe in the center of the Yerevan.

The event included 3 parts. During the first part werepresented our Erasmus+ projects and what are we doing in general. The second part was the movie screening. We chose a "Bang bang club" because of it’s powerful message. It’s based on true events and is about the famous group of photographers who became famous during their work in South Africa in time of civil war of 90s.Their work brought attention of the whole world because many of their pictures were published in all newspapers around the globe. Afterwards, there was a discussion of the film. Many people expressed their opinions , raised questions about the movie, the characters and problems around the topic of human rights.