RV Parking

This page contains information only for RV Parking at the Grand Oaks RV Park. For all other accommodations, including alternate RV parking, please see Accommodations.

The deadlines for reservations have passed, but you can still reserve your RV spot directly with The Grand Oaks Resort (352-750-6300). For those that have already made their reservations, you should have received a confirmation by e-mail. If you have not received an e-mail acknowledging your reservation and deposit, please contact Kristi Schreiber. As a reminder, please reserve your RV spot first before contacting any of the rental companies.

For those wishing to rent RVs, rentals are available through:

www.greenbergrvflorida.com (407)-668-8980

www.giantrecreationworld.com (407)-449-7129

For those wishing to utilize a campground, there are two campgrounds nearby:

· Recreation Plantation RV Resort located in Lady Lake, Florida

· Three Flags RV Campground located in Wildwood, Florida

There will be no admittance to RV sites until Sunday, April 21, 2019 after 5 P.M. If you are renting an RV, please let the rental company know of this timeframe.

If you have any questions, please contact Kristi Schreiber at foresthousebelgians@gmail.com or Kathy Nagy at 127knagy@gmail.com

RV Parking is about a 7 minute walk from the show pavilion and grooming area.

Golf Carts

For the length of the event

Four- Seater: $181.90

Two-Seater: $160.50

**tax included

Please contact Lori Mount to reserve yours today.

at (352) 750-5500 Ext 231

Email LoriMount@TheGrandOaks.com