Blood Draw Clinic

ABTC Health Education Committee


Time and Location: TBD

The ongoing studies for gastric cancer and epilepsy in the Belgians are still in need of blood samples from dogs diagnosed with gastric cancer or with epilepsy AND from healthy dogs over the age of 10 years. A 6ml blood sample will be drawn from all participants. For each dog, a 5-generation pedigree is requested. We will have volunteer veterinarians (your fellow Terv owners) to collect the blood. If your Terv provided a swab in the past, you are encouraged to have a blood draw. If your Terv participated in a blood draw in the past you are fine. Health updates are always welcome.

We realize that we will not likely have dogs affected with gastric cancer at the specialty. However, if one of your dogs does have gastric cancer, we would greatly appreciate a blood sample along with copies of diagnostic confirmation of gastric cancer (biopsy report, ultrasound report, etc.). Please contact Dr. Jacquelyn Evans for more information and sample collection kits to be sent directly to your home. For those dogs that are affected by gastric cancer, we are also asking owners to strongly consider submitting tumor samples to the study. These can be taken at time of surgical biopsy or post mortem. Please contact Dr. Evans about tumor tissue donation as well.