Mechanical Flower Thinning Machines

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A & A Holdings have now been appointed sole Australian agent for BMV mechanical fruit flower thinning machine.

The new BMV mechanical fruit flower thinning machine was developed to quickly and easily remove flowers from all types of fruit tree crops. This in-itself reduces labour cost of manually thinning the tree and also relieves the tree of the stress of trying to set flowers, thus increasing the tree vigour at an early stage which increases fruit size and quality. It removes flowers by a totally mechanical means which the results can be seen immediately.

The chemical version of thinning which is hit and miss due to many different factors and its results usually cannot be seen for several weeks is just unacceptable in today's fruit tree practices. The intensity of the thinning achieved with the BMV mechanical thinner can be adjusted by simply changing the finger spin speed with the supplied controller or by adjusting the forwards speed of the tractor. The units movements are an important feature with side tilt, up and down and side shift of the finger section.

So if you think your fruit tree thinning labour costs are going through the roof the BMV fruit flower thinner should seriously be considered.

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