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A & A Holdings P/L have been importing the Andreoli sprayers for about twenty years now. Over the last few years the Andreoli trail sprayers have had some major developments made to them, making them the most innovative trail sprayer on the market today.

When developing the new upgrades, the Andreoli engineering team aims were to design a machine that was the most powerful available. When trialling the new Eco trail sprayers here in Australia, we were literally blown away with the capacity and efficiency of the new fans. Due to major computer design changes to the fan, air capacity has had a dramatic increase, efficiency has also been increased enabling much lower horsepower needed to drive the units thus decreasing fuel consumption which should be in every farming operation objectives in todays times. Also due to the new fan aerodynamic upgrades, noise has been reduced dramatically. As Andreoli has explained and pointed out to us a noisy fan is a severely inefficient fan.

Other factors considered when designing the new upgrades were long term reliability. For instance, the fibreglass tanks already have a reputation of being unbreakable but they have new features of having more visible sight levels seen from tractor and from the fill up point. There are already new trail sprayer models working in Australia and New Zealand in Apple, Pear, Kiwifruit, Avocados, Citrus, Stone Fruit and Mango orchards.

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You can custom order a specialist sprayer made just for you and your farm. Just call us to discuss further your options.

Tank sizes available are 1000L, 1500L, 2000L, 3000L and the all new 5,500L for the big operators.