Under Tree Stick Rake

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The Cesari under tree stick rake has been sold throughout Australia by A & A Holdings Pty. Ltd. for many years now. It is a rear mounted 3-point linkage unit, PTO driven which only takes about 35HP to run. All sticks and debris like leaves and fruit are wind rowed into the lane by 16 tynes that are rotated around a cam driven wheel thus guaranteeing that all sticks are dropped off into the centre of the row due to the cam lifting the tynes. The height of the tynes can be adjusted, so depending on preference the tynes can scratch the ground or be set to be just above the ground leaving valuable mulch behind. If tree canopy width is a problem the Cesari stick rake has two models with different arm lengths, which can be offset. Plant protection is a worry when working a machine so close to the trunk of the tree so as standard the Cesari stick rake has a spring mounted rubber edged tree buffer. The success of this machine has been to its very low maintenance and superb raking capabilities.

Also Cesari manufactures a tractor front mounted twin sided brush sweeper which is hydraulically driven. Side arm rams, which extend the rotating brushs out, cater for different row widths. Height control is also done hydraulically. The beauty of this model is that the brush heads can be taken off and replaced with grass spraying heads so making this machine multi purpose.

Stick Rake

One of it's products the side-delivery rake is used for removing pruning from orchards, vineyards, olive and citrus groves, and is suitable for potted and espalier plants.

The equipment can be used on any sort of terrain, whether flat or slightly hilly. Can be attached to all types of tractors with at least a 20 HP engine, equipped with a hydraulic lift and a standard power take-off. Fitted at the back, towards the right of the tractor, the rake is capable of completely clearing the row of all pruning right up to the tree trunk. The hydraulic version requires the use of a tractor with at least a 50 HP engine equipped with quick couplings.

The rake features a mechanical plant protection bumper system specially designed to prevent damage to the bark of the tree. The long-arm RC-type rake with double cardan joints and the short-arm RCC-type rake with the single cardan joint both feature a mechanical rotation system, while the long-arm RCE and short-arm RCCE types feature a hydraulic rotation system. The short-arm versions are particularly suitable for espalier-type plantations, while the long-arm ones can be used in both traditional and espalier plantations.

Available in three models according to rake diameter: 140, 170 and 200cms. All versions can be fitted with a hydraulic jack for lateral shifting. All rakes are built to CE Standards.

Bin Trailers

Cesari's Box-Train trolleys are an innovative harvest box handling system suitable for all types of agricultural products. Can be used in all types of orchards and for field crops whether on flat or slightly hilly land surfaces. Thanks to their tired, wide-treaded wheels, which ensure a softer ride and high stability, the trolleys can work on all types of terrain, whether soft, hard, stony, or grassy. The track of the trolley, which is narrower than that of the tractor, means that the wheels normally run over only slightly trodden terrain so as not to interfere with harvesting and collecting operations. The unit comprises a pair of articulated trolleys independent one of the other. The train is formed by linking pairs of trolleys together which move as if on rails, the same curving radius as the first. The trolleys are entirely galvanised and can be disassembled. Can accommodate wood or plastic boxes. Narrower or wider trolleys can be supplied on request.

The trolleys are available in two versions :

ST - Capable of accommodating one box per trolley

DL - For two boxes

Front Mounted Vine Sweeper

The front rake for prunings is the ideal solution to solve cleaning problems in the modern fruit farms.

It is designed to be applied to the front of any type of tractor with a minimum power of 65 HP equipped with quick-fitting couplings. It can be joined to the rear cutting machine in order to clean each inter-stump area during a single transit.

The machine has two operating sections that rotate in the opposite direction and can be adjusted transversally on the front of the tractor. The sections are designed to collect prunings in a central window to allow the cutting machine to crush them.

The front rake for prunings can also collect leaves, dry grass and reject fruit fallen on the ground.

The sections are driven by an hydraulic system that can be controlled with an electric push button panel. Sections can be manually inclined to adapt them to the profile of the ground and wideed with the aid of pistons. The cleaning brushes are made of elastic nylon rods that don’t damage the grassland, the bark of plants and the superficial irrigation system. A metal disc fitted under each section slides on the ground to level it.

Each operating section can be articulated and widened independently in order to allow operators to use even one part at a time only.

Sections can be rapidly disassembled and replaced with domes for localised weeding.

The front rake for prunings can be used on all types of plantations with a width ranging from 2.50 to 3.20 metres on level, hill and miscellaneous terrain.

The unit is also available with one section.