Tractor Sprayer

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The Atom 3500 tractor spray, has been purposely designed for the Australian fruit tree grower and large harsh Australian conditions.

Our main objective when sitting down with the engineers from Andreoli engineering was that we needed a machine that could carry a large volume of water and which could deliver driver comfort and safety.

We also needed a machine that would survive many thousands of hours of reliable service day after day, season after season.

With the experiences of selling the Andreoli products specifically the amazing Atom 2000L for nearly 20 years we knew exactly what we needed to give the next level of fruit tree spraying to the Australian grower.

We at A&A Holdings P/L are pleased to say the Andreoli engineering family have exceeded all of our expectations.

Please look at the PDF for all the new Atom 3500L tractor spray specs and follow the links below for more information.

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