Vineyard Hedgers

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Optional Hydraulic Power Pack

Cutter bar in action

Adjustable stand supplied with front mounted hedgers for quick unhitch

Optional Hydraulic Power Pack

Side mounted controls

Side view

Two Sided Front Mounted Trimmer

Front mounted configuration including standard mounting plate.

Full hydraulic control to all functions including:

    • Hydraulic motors
    • Hydraulic height adjustment of vertical bar
    • Hydraulic width adjustment of vertical bar
    • Fixed support for lopping machine

Vertical bars STANDARD 2 metres both left and right.

Horizontal bars OPTIONAL 86 metres both left and right.

Tractor hydraulic oil flow capacity should be 38 litres per minute.

Numerous safety features to protect both the machine and the operator as follows:

    • both vertical bars fold back on occasions of either forward or reserve obstruction
    • both horizontal bars fold back and forward obstructions and returns with assistance of gas struts
    • for transport purposes both horizontal bars fold to vertical position
    • protection shields are provided for all cutter bars


    • a wine cane deflector is available for optimal cutting at base of vines
    • distributor with electric control
    • hydraulic lateral inclination for vertical bar