Day 6

Coding Cards by Rob Morrill

Programmable paper cutters like the Cricut and the Silhouette can take several file formats, including SVG (scalable vector graphic). If you code a design in a program like Snap!, Scratch, or Codeblocks, then get it into SVG format, you're ready to fabricate really neat cards with your paper cutter. Below are a few examples of cards, followed by a video on how to get designs to your cutter and then make the cards. I've also included two videos on how to use Tinkercad's new Codeblocks app, which I've used to make designs for cards, lamps, t-shirts, and more. Please reach out on Twitter with any questions. Have fun!

The orange design was created using Tinkercad's Codeblocks where you can export as a Part, which makes it available in standard Tinkercad. From there, I added the text, including rectangular holes to prevent the middle portions of letters from disconnecting. Export as SVG, and you're ready to paper cut.

I have a couple big books of patterned card stock paper. This makes for neat backing for the designs. I typically use plain card stock for the outer portion.

You might want to plan the cards to fit into particular envelopes. I ordered a pack of 100 envelopes in recycled paper for students to use with the cards they make.

This video explores the specifics of how to create a design in a program like Snap!, Scratch, or Codeblocks, and then turn it into a SVG file format for use with a programmable paper cutter. I also go through cutter settings (on a Cricut) and one approach to assembly of cards.

Here's a quick teaser promo video for Tinkercad's Codeblocks environment. I'm using it to make designs for 3D printing, paper cutting, and laser cutting and engraving.

This video is a deeper dive into how to use Codeblocks.

For a text introduction, please see an article I wrote for Ultimaker:

Code Your 3D Designs with Tinkercad's Codeblocks

Coffeechug Adaptations

1. We used

2. Be sure to hide sprite at end of code

3. Screenshot the image

4. This screenshot can be processed in Silhouette software

Scratch sample code to get started with your own design:

Click the "Remix" button to make your own copy to edit and make unique to you!