Who we are

Gleowit Productions (1066 Events) is a small company which specialises in community street events , cultural heritage performance and specialist short breaks.

Directors Heather and Keith Leech live in Hastings and have (both together and separately) supported many charity events in Sussex. They are entirely familiar with staging events - in terms of logistics, enterprise, demographics, needs and cultural heritage. They are both actors, models and folk musicians with a string of credits.

Keith and Heather Leech have a proven track record with community events. Both have researched and written papers on local street events and actively promote Hastings events while researching carnival traditions. They are awaiting notification of a new book release on ‘Carnival, Tourism and Regeneration’ (Ed. Cuffy) for which they were separate contributors. They were both members of the 'Hastings Celebrates' Committee which led and produced the community events for the town’s celebration of the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings (2016).

Keith Leech MBE B.Sc. M.A.

Keith researched, set-up, developed and sustained the Hastings Traditional Jack in the Green (JITG) and the Hastings Borough Bonfire Society. He is currently chairman of Hastings Traditional Jack in the Green and the Hastings Old Town Carnival and President of Hastings Borough Bonfire Society. He is a trustee of local arts centre Saint Mary’s in the Castle (SMIC) and regularly puts on music and Arts events. He has published works on tradition and carnival extensively. Keith is a street performer musician, actor model and photographer.

Heather Leech B.Ed. B.A.

Heather is chair of the Hastings Borough Bonfire Society and is the public voice on the night of Bonfire Celebration. She is a member of the Hastings Week Committee for which she organises the official closing ceremony and is an active member of the Hastings Traditional Jack in the Green committee for which she liaises with Old Town Parish for joint events and is the announcer for the annual crowning of the May Queen ceremony in Alexandra Park. She has written and performed a one woman show about the Gunpowder Plot and is writing collaboratively with another local artist. Heather is a director, writer, actress and model.

She is currently writing a new play about King Harold's Mother.

Events extra to their personal community and charity work include:

2017- Niepold and Jolivet concert. This concert performance from a Belgian and French duo and was run in association with the Two Towers Trust.

2017 - Blowzabella. This event was a concert with an internationally well-known folk group at SMIC.

2016 - The America Ground Celebration, working collaboratively with HBC, The Town Centre manager, Holy Trinity Church, The Rotary Club, local businesses in the Trinity Triangle and town centre to create a day’s event incorporating stage entertainment, sporting attractions, static attractions, art work and special promotions from the local businesses.

2015 - Les Dernier Trouvere This event was a dance with a traditional French music group which specialises in olden instruments and song an event run in association with SMIC.

2015 - A Pirate Day Shindig, a family event incorporating storytelling, folk dance and song, heritage and culture.