Guy Fawkes Mother

Gleowit Productions / Roleback Theatre

1612, King James of Scotland sits safely on the throne of England and the Gunpowder Treason Plotters have long since been executed. Everyone in the Kingdom celebrates November 5th. The day that remembers how King and Parliament narrowly escaped the infamous plot of 1605. Everyone celebrates by lighting bonfires, ringing bells and listening to special sermons.

Except one woman. What did Guy Fawkes’ mother feel?

Brighton Fringe Confirmed. The Quadrant. Laughing Horse venues 15, 16, 17th June 7.00pm. Buy tickets Brighton Fringe

Previous performances in Hastings, Battle, London (Theatre Deli) and Yorkshire

BUY TICKETS HERE. Brighton Fringe June 15, 16 17 7.00pm

The Quadrant, 12 North Street Brighton

England is a nation divided. One half of the population treats the other with loathing. There has been an act of terrorism that has shaken the nation. In the turmoil the lone voice of the middle aged woman is unheard and ignored. One woman has a story to tell, the mother of the most famous terrorist in England.

Echoing the divided nation of Brexit Britain, one woman embodies the hurt of the nation through the execution of her son. She is a minority, a woman, middle aged and Roman Catholic. Who would want to hear what she has to say?

Written and performed by Rose Bruford graduate Heather Leech Guy Fawke’s Mother has a running time of just under an hour. Based on real characters and facts it traces Guy Fawke’s mother's anguish as a woman a mother and an outlawed Roman Catholic at a time of national turmoil.

Based in Hastings, Sussex Gleowit Productions (Roleback Theatre) is husband and wife team Heather and Keith Leech who have together many years’ experience in theatre, street performance and community events ,

The play can also be performed with an introductory talk and q and a session.

“a magical performance.”

“Bravo! On both counts . . . a stunning performance of a magnificent piece.”

“What a wonderful evening educational , entertaining, and awesome. Heather you were brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.”

“Amazing evening,”

“I can thoroughly recommend this”

“Yes Heather was amazing I was captivated by her performance, real feelings and great characterisation”

Review. August 2018