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Another excellent, productive and thoroughly enjoyable photosession.

I had some very specific images to capture with Keith and Heather . They created them to perfection. They were both excellent at following instructions, gave some very helpful feedback during the shoot and helped to create some fantastic images with their natural modelling and acting skill sets.

Almost more impressive than anything was the diversity of the photos they were able to capture, from jovial to joyful to stern to intensely emotional.

I very highly recommend them for a very wide variety of modelling and acting needs. Their skills and professionalism are sky high.

Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to come all this way. I am so impressed with how apparently effortlessly you have created a series of quite superb images.

Over 30 years experience in researching and organising street based events and carnivals, concerts, dances and heritage events.

Specialists in carnivals and heritage events. 

Specialists in  performing and visual arts and photography.

Specialists in Folk Music, traditions and heritage. Heritage consultants,

Actors, musicians and models.


We both organise events for others and create our own.

We are able to organise an event from beginning to end including Production, Risk Assessment and Entertainment.  We have a large network of contacts and can either organise an event for you or help you with various parts of its production.

We are also published authors of works on English Heritage and Carnival Arts


Productions by Gleowit

2023 2022 - Social and historical talk on the context of the Gunpowder Plot-


2022. King Harold's Mother. Stables Theatre. Hastings Fringe (sell out performance).

2021. Lecture on Sussex Bonfire

2020 YouTube channel the Talky Lady and the Folky Man – a collection of events, experience and our own perspective. Ongoing.

2020 Digital beginner’s photography course in partnership with Hastings Museum and Art Gallery

2020 King Harold’s Mother –premiere at the Hastings Fringe, postponed due to COVID

2020- Guy Fawkes Mother Performances at Theatre Deli, London. Also  Brighton Fringe 2022

2019- Guy Fawkes Mother. Small scale performances in the Hastings/Rother area and North Yorkshire.

2018- Photography day. Photographersinvited to phtograph a range of models on a local farm

2017- Niepold and Jolivet concert. This concert performance from a Belgian and French duo and was run in association with the Two Towers Trust. 

2017 - Blowzabella. This event was a concert with an internationally well-known folk group at Saint Mary in the Castle.

2016 - The America Ground Celebration, working collaboratively with HBC, The Town Centre manager, Holy Trinity Church, The Rotary Club, local businesses in the Trinity Triangle and town centre to create a day’s event incorporating stage entertainment, sporting attractions, static attractions, art work and special promotions from the local businesses.

2015 - Les Dernier Trouvere This event was a dance with a traditional French music group which specialises in olden instruments and song an event run in association with SMIC.

2015 - A Pirate Day Shindig, a family event incorporating storytelling, folk dance and song, heritage and culture.

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