National Advisory Committee (NAC)

Jianwei Qiu (Chair)


Jefferson Lab

John Beacom


Ohio State University

Paulo Bedaque


University of Maryland

Dean Lee


Michigan State University

Assumpta Parreño


University of Barcelona

Saori Pastore


Washington University in St. Louis

Michael Strickland


Kent State University

Rebecca Surman


University of Notre Dame

Geralyn “Sam” Zeller



The National Advisory Committee to the INT meets at the INT for one day every summer to select upcoming INT programs and workshops, and throughout the year serves to advise the INT director. Members of the NAC serve for three years, except chairs which will have their stint extended by one year if necessary to ensure at least two years as chair. New members are selected by the NAC from a list of nominations, and their names are submitted to the DOE for approval. The vitality of the INT relies on the quality and balance of the NAC, and therefore on the quality of the pool of nominees.

Members of the nuclear physics community are encouraged to propose new members for consideration, keeping in mind the composition of the continuing committee. A list of current and past members is given above. If you wish to nominate someone for a position on the NAC, please email Larry McLerran with the subject line "NAC nomination", and include a few sentences explaining why this person would be a good candidate for the position.