Senior Fellows

Larry McLerran

Director, Professor

616-0792 , C411B , lmcler@ , web page

Hot and dense matter, high energy nuclear physics

David Kaplan

Senior Fellow, Professor

685-3546 , B455 , dbkaplan@ , web page

Effective field theory for low-energy nuclear physics; lattice QCD; physics beyond the Standard Model; particle cosmology.

Sanjay Reddy

Senior Fellow, Professor

685-2397, C433 , sareddy@ , web page

Nuclear and neutrino astrophysics: cosmic explosions, neutron stars and quantum many-body theory.

Martin J. Savage

Senior Fellow, Professor

543-7481, C408 , mjs5@ , web page

The Standard Model and Beyond. QCD. Lattice QCD for Low-Energy Nuclear Physics and Fundamental Symmetries. Quantum Computing and Simulation for Field Theories.

Junior Fellows

Martin Hoferichter

Fellow, Research Assistant Professor

685-9782 , C414 , mhofer@

Fundamental Symmetries, Chiral Dynamics, Dark Matter

Alessandro Roggero

Fellow, Research Assistant Professor

685-3348 , C404 , roggero@

Quantum Monte Carlo, Quantum Computing

Associate Senior Fellows

George Bertsch

Associate Senior Fellow, Professor Emeritus

543-2895 , C406 , bertsch@ , web page

Nuclear theory; atomic cluster theory, and many-particle theory in general.

Wick Haxton

Associate Senior Fellow, Professor Emeritus , web page

Nuclear astrophysics and solar neutrinos; weak interactions and symmetries; many-body simulations.

Research Associates

Mawande Lushozi

685-9781 , C420


Gluon saturation in high energy QCD, Multiloop techniques in quantum field theory

Christopher Monahan

685-3620 , C437

cjm373@ , web page

Lattice QCD for the structure of hadrons and heavy particles. Casimir effects in classical fluids.

Kelly Patton

685-9828 , C424


Neutrino astrophysics, presupernovae and protoneutron star cooling

Caroline Robin

685-9778 , C422


Relativistic and non-relativistic nuclear many-body problem, weak interactions and neutrino physics, nuclear astrophysics.

Srimoyee Sen

685-9830 , C438


Effective field theories, phases of dense matter, anomalous transport.

Gongming Yu

685-9726, B449


Matter at high density, high energy nuclear physics

Graduate Students

Bryce Fore

B418 , bryce4@

Neutrino astrophysics in neutron stars and supernova

Anthony Ciarvarelli

B466 , aciarvare

Scattering in Field Theories

Natalie Klco

B454 , klcon@

Quantum Systems and Field Theories, Toward QCD and Nuclear Forces with Quantum Computing

Jesse Stryker

B454 , stryker@

Quantum Systems and Field Theories, Toward QCD and Nuclear Forces with Quantum Computing

Dake Zhou

B426 , zdk@

Administrative Staff

Kimberlee Choe

Program Coordinator

685-3509 , C411d

jy24@ , web page

Farha Habib

Program Coordinator

685-4286 , C411d

faraway@ , web page

Cheryl McDaniel

Program Assistant

685-3360 , C411

chermcd@ , web page

Linda Vilett


685-3958 , C411c

lvilett@ , web page

Affiliated UW Faculty

Silas R. Beane


543-3256 , B457

silas@, web page

Aurel Bulgac


685-2988 , B478

bulgac@, web page

Blayne Heckel


685-2401 , C515

heckel@, web page

Gerald Miller


543-2995 , B484

miller@, web page

Ann Nelson


543-3902 , B406

anelson@, web page

R.G. Hamish Robertson



B476/NPL, rghr@

web page

Kenneth Roche

Affiliate Associate Professor

Staff Scientist @ PNNL

206-616-9906, k8r@

Stephen Sharpe


685-2395 , B408

srsharpe@ , web page

Laurence Yaffe


543-3902 , B406

yaffe@, web page

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