INT Artwork

Science meets Art

Created between 2014 and 2017 by the renowned artist Julie Bourgeois, through close collaboration with the INT, this original piece is composed entirely from physics visualizations. The gold-leaf displays a Cerenkov ring from the SNO detector, the red-greens-yellows are an event display from the ICE-CUBE array, the dark-blue radial lines within a ring are a projection of an event at RHIC, the strings (glued to the back) display cosmic-ray tracks, and toward the bottom is a space-time lattice image from lattice QCD calculations.

Julie Bourgeois is a truly brilliant artist, known for her avant-garde artworks, with a deep appreciation for science and the connections between science and art. Julie resides in Montreal, Canada.

The (challenging) installation was done by Artech of Seattle (who made it look easy!).

Chalkboard Art

The INTs chalkboard art came about through discussions between the INT, Lisa and Jill at BuffaloDesign and Chalkboard Artist John Rozich. The INT identified scientific papers that are foundational to nuclear physics, chalkboard art was then conceived for just a few of them (including the elements that appear to have been erased!), and John Rozich crafted the pieces and brought the concepts to life.

The Mechanism of Nuclear Fission

by Niels Bohr and John Wheeler

Nuclear Configurations in the Spin-Orbit Model. I. Emperical Evidence

by Maria Goeppert Mayer

Advantages of the Color Octet Gluon Picture

by Harald Fritzsch, Murray Gell-Mann and Heiri Leutwyler

Asymptotic Sum Rules at Infinite Momentum

by James Bjorken

The INT Renovation (2014)

Interior Design

The amazing interior design for the INT renovation was done by Buffalo Design of Seattle. In fact, Buffalo Design are using our renovation as a Case Study for potential clients. They designed, in close collaboration with the INT, all of the wall colors, carpet designs, light fixtures, chalkboard art, glass board selection, furniture selection and design. This modernized and creative environment that inspires deep thinking is appreciated by all of our visitors.

We are indebted to Buffalo Design for allowing us to use a number of their photographs of the INT.