My primary concern in this course is to support your learning to teach mathematics. One way for me to do that is to give feedback on your work – to let you know what I see as strengths, what I believe is in need of more thought, how clearly you have conveyed your ideas in your writing, the extent to which your work responds to the intent of the assignment, etc. Number or letter grades are not particularly effective ways of communicating these things!

For each assignment, you will receive feedback, specifically, on your progress towards demonstrating you have met the relevant learning objectives. I will use rubrics to help you understand your progress towards meeting learning objectives. Thus, your score on rubrics will be linked to one of three levels on the rubrics: Needs revision or Does not meet expectations; Meets expectations; or Exceeds expectations. You also have the right, at any time, to inquire about your progress, and ask for the chance to provide additional evidence that you have met or exceeded expectations for an objective.

Course Grade

Your grade for ELED 422 will be based on your work with all of your instructors. For this part of the course, you have the opportunity to earn 100 points towards your overall ELED 422 grade. See details below about how points are distributed across assignments.

TOTAL: 100 points

Learning Standards 1 & 2

(35 pts)

  • LP1: (10 points)
  • LP2: (10 points)
  • LP3: (5 points)
  • LP 4: (5 points)
  • Group Reflection (5 points)

Learning Standard 3 (30 pts)

  • LP3: (5 points)
  • LP4: (5 points)

Learning Standard 4 (35 pts)

Weeks 1-5, points assigned each week:

  • 2 points for quality participation
  • 0 points for absence or unacceptable participation

Weeks 2-5, points assigned each week:

  • 5 points for “exceeds expectation”
  • 3 points for “meets expectations”
  • 0 points for “does not meet expectations”

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