Active Engagement

Readings & Homework (Weeks 2-5)...............20 points (5 points per week)

Required Text

Aguirre, J., Mayfield-Ingram, K., and Martin, D. (2013). The impact of identity in K-8 mathematics learning and teaching: Rethinking equity-based practices. Reston, VA: NCTM.

        • Purchase (ebook version recommended. Note that you receive a 20% discount with NCTM membership).

HOMEWORK: Details about homework tasks are available on the Google Form. Click the links below to view details.

Chapters 1 & 3

Chapters 2 & 5

This reflection is worth 10 points.

Chapter 4

Active engagement with weekly readings and/or mathematics tasks: In order to contribute to class discussions and activities, you will need to engage actively with assigned readings and/or mathematics tasks prior to class. You will submit a homework assignment demonstrating evidence of this active engagement by noon the day before class (i.e., by noon on Tuesday for a Wednesday class; by noon on Sunday for a Monday class). This artifact will also give me an opportunity to see how you are making sense of ideas from the course, to adapt my instruction as necessary, and to provide you with formative feedback.

I will evaluate evidence of engagement and reflection in preparation for class based on the following standards:

Points for homework will be updated on Canvas each week.

Learning Standard 4: Demonstrate a work ethic worthy of a noble profession.

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