Class attendance & participation (Weeks 1-5)...............10 points (2 points per week)

Class Attendance and Participation: Teaching and learning require engaged and reflective participants. It is essential that you complete readings before class and come prepared to engage in discussion. You should demonstrate understanding and familiarity with course readings during class meetings by contributing to class discussions and activities. Presentations, small group activities, and discussions will provide you with information not found in the readings. Therefore, it is critical that you attend each class meeting and stay for its entirety.

I will evaluate evidence of engagement and reflection during class based on the following criteria:

Quality Participation (2 points)

  • Making reflective & critical contributions, rather than regurgitating readings
  • Demonstrating understanding of class readings by using what you learned to help explain or justify comments
  • Asking thoughtful questions
  • Responding to other students' comments in a responsible & constructive way
  • Actively participating in small group activities, taking a lead or helping the group stay on task as needed
  • Relating concepts from class to your experiences as a teacher or learner

Unacceptable Participation (0 points)

    • Physical presence but cognitive absence
    • Non-constructive responses to comments of other students
    • No real attempt to complete tasks in a reasonable or thoughtful way
    • No participation in group activities or attempts to distract others

Points for class attendance and participation will be updated on Canvas each week.

Learning Standard 4: Demonstrate a work ethic worthy of a noble profession.

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