Assignments are intended to align with the goals of the course and provide learning experiences that introduce you to student-centered mathematics teaching. I believe that the most meaningful learning comes from experiences that challenge pre-existing notions and from struggles to integrate new ideas into existing ones. I expect assignments to be reflective and critical, rather than a regurgitation of readings and discussions.

Assignment guidelines:

Details about each assignment are provided on this site, including learning objectives related to each assignment and information about how to complete the activities. Each assignment will also have a rubric to indicate how you will be evaluated. Please review both the details of the assignment and rubric carefully for each specific assignment. Here are some general guidelines for completing assignments:

Due dates – Major assignments are due before the start of class on the posted due date, unless otherwise specified. Homework tasks are due by noon the day before class. An absence from class is not an excuse for a late assignment.

Submitting assignments Submit all assignments through the Google Form link provided on this site.

  • Individual assignments should be submitted individually. Group assignments need to be submitted by only one group member.

Use the following naming format for assignments:

  • Last name_Assignment Code (for individual assignments) - e.g., Harper_MA.pdf
  • Last name1_Last name 2_Assignment Code (for group assignments) - e.g., Harper_Jones_Smith_LP1.doc

Assignments will be accepted in the following file formats: PDF, DOC(X), or PAGES. Links for Google docs are also acceptable, but check to make sure that your sharing settings allow me to have access and to make comments.

Formatting assignments Use a 12-point APA acceptable font (Times New Roman, Arial, Palatino). Use 1” margins and double-space. Follow APA guidelines for citations and references.

Late assignments If you need to request an extension for a major assignment, you should contact me as soon as possible. Assignments that are submitted late, without prior approval, will not qualify for an “exceeds expectations” evaluation. Homework tasks will not be accepted after class because they are designed to help you prepare you for a specific task.

Revisions You are welcome and encouraged to revise assignments when doing so will contribute to your learning. When major assignments do not meet expectations, you may be required to make revisions. In other cases, if you feel that it would be beneficial for you to make revisions and receive feedback on a revised version, please talk to me about whether or not this will be contribute to your learning. In general, revisions to homework tasks are not accepted because I expect that your thinking about homework tasks will evolve by participating in class (i.e., revising homework tasks will not further contribute to your learning.)

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