Elementary & Middle School Teaching Methods for Urban, Multicultural Education: Math

Dr. Frances K. Harper


This site contains everything you need for the 5-week mini-course ELED 422: Elementary and Middle School Teaching Methods I: Mathematics. This course is designed for those in the urban, multicultural education cohort with no preparation in teaching mathematics and should be taken prior to the professional internship year for elementary or middle grades.


Bailey Education Complex (BEC) 424

Week 1: Feb 11

Week 2: Feb 18

Week 3: Feb 25

Week 4: Mar 4

Week 5: Mar 11

This mini-course is designed to introduce you to methods and materials for teaching elementary and middle school mathematics in urban, multicultural contexts. Emphasis is placed on investigating the mathematics subject matter you will teach and on planning and implementing student-centered, problem-based mathematics lessons. In this course, you will begin to develop: (1) a more robust understanding of the mathematics you will teach; (2) pedagogical knowledge and strategies for teaching mathematics lessons to diverse students; and (3) an awareness of how social, historical, and institutional contexts affect mathematics teaching and learning.

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Instructor: Dr. Frances K. Harper, Assistant Professor of STEM Education

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Contact information: francesharper@utk.edu

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