Dr. Sarah Null

Aquatic Habitat, Climate, and Water Analysis (ACWA) Lab

Is the Mekong River the most important river on Earth? A story map of deforestation, dams, and ecosystem tradeoffs.

Primary developer: Sapana Lohani

A dual optimization model developed to restore habitat connectivity while considering water scarcity tradeoffs. The model was applied to Utah's Weber River, but model formulation and approach are generalizable to other watersheds.

Primary developer: Maggi Kraft

Programming language: GAMS

Publication: Kraft et al. 2019

Exploring Utah's Water Poster

This water poster shows Utah's major rivers, freshwater lakes, saline lakes, manmade reservoirs (visualized by capacity and federal, state, or local ownership), hydropower facilities, major canals, agricultural regions, urban regions, and national parks. The poster highlights Utah's two major watersheds (Great Basin and Colorado River), water supply, water uses, and major hydrologic features, such as Great Salt Lake.

- Download pdf in English (179 MB)

- Download pdf in Spanish (189 MB)

Primary developer: Tim Beach (undergraduate researcher)

Publication: Beach, T, S Null, B Greene, N Mesner. 2016. Exploring Utah's Water Fact Sheet.