Dr. Sarah Null

Aquatic Habitat, Climate, and Water Analysis (ACWA) Lab



WATS 6050 - Aquatic Ecosystem and Water Resource Systems Modeling (Fall, even years)

WATS 6900 - Stream Temperature and Fish Bioenergetics Modeling (co-taught with fish ecologist, Dr. Jereme Gaeta) (Fall, odd years)

WATS/WILD 6700 - Restoration Ecology (co-taught with wetland ecologist, Dr. Karin Kettenring)

WATS 6900/ PSC 6900 – Modeling Environmental Change (co-taught with Drs. Patrick Belmont, Luis Gordillo, and Simon Wang, a geomorphologist, mathematician, and climate scientist, respectively)

GEOG 1000 - Physical Geography (Fall)

GEOG 1005 - Physical Geography Lab (Fall)