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  1. The E-Learning Office - Online teaching support

The E-Learning Office provides support for online teaching at UPEI. The team consists of two e-learning instructional designers and an instructional multimedia specialist. The role of the e-learning instructional designers is to provide support for faculty in the design and progress of the course, this can come in the form of one-on-one consultations, email support, workshops and webinars, and the development of online resources and tutorials.

The instructional multimedia specialist provides support in the development of multimedia resources for academic courses, such as videos, podcasts, and graphics.

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The E-Learning Office

E-Learning Workshop Calendar

2. Faculty Development Office - Faculty development opportunities

The Faculty Development Office (FDO) consults with faculty on matters related to teaching, tenure and promotion files, grant applications, and award nominations. The Faculty Development Office organizes presentations by UPEI faculty and visiting speakers on matters of pedagogy.

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The Faculty Development Office

3. Experiential Education - Student workshops & work integrated learning

The Experiential Education department provides one-on-one support for faculty who are designing and implementing curriculum to include opportunities for experiential education. If you are looking for ways to help students make connections between their in-class learning and career goals, the Experiential Education team can look at your syllabus and find ways to integrate those connections into your existing curriculum. Or, if you are looking to develop new courses or programs with more substantial experiential learning components, the department can support that work as well.

The Experiential Education team has a variety of 90 minute workshops ready for in-class delivery on the following topics: interview skills, resume and cover letter writing, job skills and career pathways, networking, teamwork, conflict resolution, digital presence, interpersonal communication, public speaking, diversity and inclusion, conceptualizing leadership, facilitation skills, and intercultural communication. Workshops can be customized to your needs, both in terms of format and content.

The Experiential Education department offers career support to students, including resume and cover letter reviews, interview preparation, online presence checks, and more. These services are available to students at any time, but can also be integrated into your course as a part of a lesson or assignment.

To access these supports, or to learn more about what we can offer, email Shannon Snow at