Host a Synchronous Class

Hosting a synchronous class allows for building connections between students and instructors. This type of space creates space for immediate feedback and conversation.

Technology Options

Become familiar with tools that allow for synchronous teaching that are supported by the university. Blackboard Collaborate is an online teaching tool that is designed for synchronous online classes, letting you screen share, share video and audio. Blackboard Collaborate can also be a simple lecture video creator by doing a recorded session on your own. YuJa is lecture capture software. This can be used to record you teaching in a classroom for a different style of lecture video. It can be used for broadcasting a face-to-face lecture to students who are watching online. Note that only certain classrooms are set up to use YuJa, please see the list of classrooms which can use YuJa.

Blackboard Collaborate


Protect your privacy and the privacy of students

Remember to consider both the privacy of yourself and your students when in a synchronous setting. If you are asking students to participate, allow video and audio to be optional. Chat can be a sufficient way to engage if they are unable to attend via video/audio or do not have access to a camera or microphone.

Clearly state in as much time in advance as possible if you are planning to record a synchronous session. Consider only recording the lecture portion of a session and allowing unrecorded time for questions and conversation. Some students may feel uncomfortable asking questions knowing it will be shared afterwards.

Other Considerations

It is highly possible to lose or have slow internet connection during a synchronous class. This may cause longer wait times for uploading or downloading content during a session. Students with poor connection may experience a lag in audio or video, causing them to miss information or have delayed responses.

Your students may be located in different time zones. Depending on childcare and availability of technology there may be times when students are unable to attend a synchronous session. Record and share your classes when possible.

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