Encourage Academic Integrity

  • Have students earn the UPEI Academic Integrity Badge

  • Use resources in the Academic Integrity Portal

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  • A checklist to review your understanding of academic integrity at UPEI

  • Include an academic integrity statement in your course syllabus

  • Discuss academic integrity in your course

  • Include an academic integrity pledge as part of the test/quiz process

  • Recognize that some of your students come from different academic traditions

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  • Model the use of citations in your slides, notes, and other learning materials

  • Review available citation resources with your class

  • Introduce your students to citation management tools

  • Require the use of citations as part of your assignments

  • Include marks for appropriate use of citations in your assessment rubrics.

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  • Preventing Academic Misconduct in an Online Setting

  • Designing Assignments that Foster Academic Integrity

  • A flowchart that walks through UPEI’s academic integrity violation process.

  • Detecting plagiarism

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